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Adjustment of customs value:

The case on adjustment of customs value in respect of LLC “Sportivnaya Strana”.

The customs value of the goods on the goods declaration was adjusted and increased by Sebezh Customs in a big way, and from the Client was withheld the amount of 495005 rubles (13581.84 $) to secure payment of customs duties.

The reason for the adjustment of the customs value of the goods was the presence of the information in the customs in the form of goods declarations (previously filed by a homogeneous product), in which the customs value of goods is much higher than indicated in the LLC “Sportivnaya Strana” declaration of goods.

The client turned to our company for help after the decision on the adjustment of customs value of goods.

On the basis of examination of the case, it was found that the documents requested by the customs authorities in verifying the customs value have been provided to Customs before, the amount of documents submitted to the customs is sufficient for its adoption of the customs value of the goods specified in the declaration of goods and the product selected for comparison by the customs authority is not homogeneous to the goods specified in the declaration of goods provided to the customs by LLC “Sportivnaya Strana”.

According to these grounds our lawyer (Dmitri Ivanov) has built a position, according to which the Client denied the customs value established by the customs authority.

As a result of this work, the Court of First Instance accepted the position of the company, invalidated the decision of Sebezh Customs on the adjustment of customs value and ordered the customs authority to restore the violated right of the company.

An appellate court upheld our position.

Withheld by customs authorities payments in the amount of 495005 rubles (13581.84 $) were returned to the client from  the budget of the Russian Federation.

(LLC “Sportivnaya Strana” against Sebezh Customs, case in the Arbitration Court of Pskov region №A52-2165 / 2013).

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