Dear colleagues!

We inform you about the strengthening of control over international carriers in the territory of the Russian Federation.

This decision was made due to the systematic violation of allowable weight parameters for the trucks by carriers on the federal road network in Russia.

In this regard, “Rostransnadzor”, together with the State Road Inspectorate and the Customs Authorities of the Russian Federation has started to actively implement measures to resolve this situation – attract carriers to administrative responsibility for violation of weight and dimensional parameters with heavy fines (400 – 500 thousand rubles).

These measures will be implemented as part of a system of automated weight and dimensional control points on the federal road network of the Russian Federation (in the near future their number will increase to 400 points).

In order to prevent the occurrence of adverse situations in the weight control post, we offer you for practical use WEIGHT CONTROL POST PASSAGE GUIDE.

In the guide, we have described the main answers to the questions which will save you time and money!

P.S.: After reading the guide you are very welcome to ask additional questions via email or by phone +7 (8112) 72-08-38 / + 7 (8112) 72-00-04, the answers to which will be displayed in the new version of the guide.

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